Replacement Sharpy Lamp supplier for UHP MSD R2 R5 R7 R9 R15 R16 R17 R18

The type replacement lamps  have long life and high-quality brightness, similar with original.  Quality lamps can be produced as per your requirement.

Additional information

Lamp Model

10R 280W, 15R 300W, 16R 330W, 17R 350W, 18R 380W, 20R 440W, 2R 132W, 5J.06001.001, 5R 200W, 7R 230W, 9R 260W

Lamp Warranty

6 months

Product Details:

Replacement Sharpy Lamp supplier for UHP MSD R2 R5 R7  R15 R16 R17 R18


We are a factory and trading company in the the lighting (projector lamps, beamlight) field.

The sharpy lamp series we can supply. Lamps are fitted for the beam light. you can check as per the models.


Model Power Lamp dimension Color Rendering

Index (CRI)

Life Hours (hrs) Color temp. (k) Luminous Allowed Temp.


2R 120W 45x45mm 70 6000 8000 6000 350
5R 200W 50x50mm 70 2000 8000 10000 350
7R 230W 50x50mm 73 2000 8000 11200 350
9R 260W 50x50mm 75 1500 7500 12000 350
10R 280W 50x50mm 75 1500 7500 12500 350
15R 300W 50x50mm 75 1500 7500 16000 350
16R 330W 56x56mm 75 1500 7500 16000 350
17R 350W 58x58mm 80 1500 7800 14500 350
18R 380W 58x58mm 80 1500 7500 20000 350
20R 440W 58x58mm 80 1500 7800 22000 350

We are a factory from China. Our replacement sharpy lamps are professional lights using is stage performance equipments.  We supply the lamp ballas,too.

They are used in the following places:

stage performances, bar, theater, wedding, KTV, tv stations, studios, exhibitions, disco pub, large outdoor activities photography., etc.


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