Replacement Projector Lamp burner AC200W AC250W AC300W AC350W

Produce and supply compatible projector bulb burners AC series from 200w  to 350w. 180days quality warranty and technical support.

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Burner Type

AC200W, AC250W, AC300W, AC350W

Product Details:

Replacement Projector Lamp burner AC 200W AC 250W AC300W AC350W


Our AC compatible replacement lamp bulb burners are fitted for most AC burner Brands(NSHA,  PHOENIX, HS, UHE, UHP,HSCR,P-VIP OSRAM ).

Replacement Projector Bulb Lamp Wick Burner (AC)
Type illuminance (IX) Lamp Life(H)
AC-200W 8000 3500
AC-250W 12000 3500
AC-300W 14000 3000
AC-350W 23000 3000


Competitive Advantage:

The burners are sold well many years. it has good brightness. There are sereval types you can choose,. Original lamp burners are also supplied.

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